Legends:Episode 5 Intro

Alisanne and Uther have messages for you
Episode:A Traitor in our Midst
Story Characters:Alisanne Dupre, Uther
Previous Quest:Chaos in Bravil
Next Quest:Bravil Treasury or Skooma Den or Silverhome on the Water
Alisanne Dupre

The Episode 5 Intro is displayed upon entering the episode 5 map for the first time. Alisanne greets you with:

Alisanne Dupre: “Thank the Night Mother you’ve arrived. Garnag and Andronica have gone missing. I sent Andronica to assassinate the heads of the city’s two Skooma gangs. I sent Garnag to assassinate the head of the Bravil Treasury. Neither has returned. I need you to find them.”

You also receive a letter from Uther:

Message from Uther: “Agent. Your last message was unclear. Why are you in Bravil? Have you found the Listener? I have a business manager in town. Meet him at the Silverhome Inn.”

Skooma Den, Silverhome on the Water, and Bravil Treasury are the three starting options for the fifth episode.

Prev: Chaos in BravilUp: The Fall of the Dark BrotherhoodNext: Bravil Treasury or Skooma Den or Silverhome on the Water

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