Legends:Forelhost Front Gate

Get into Forelhost
Episode:The Lost Treasure
Story Characters:Swims-at-Night, Sails-Through-Storms
Previous Quest:Mistveil Dungeon
Next Quest:Forelhost Lost Tomb
Reward:Playset of: Hallowed Deathpriest

The Lost Treasure: Forelhost Front Gate[edit]

The Forelhost Front Gate is a location available in The Lost Treasure, unlocked by completing Mistveil Dungeon. When you select it, you are given a dialogue between Sails-Through-Storms and Swims-at-Night.


Sails-Through-Storms: “This is the chamber the journal points to. But the door is magically sealed.”
Swims-at-Night: “This inscription reads “Only the dead may walk these halls / Take up the chalice, heed Alduin’s call.”
Sails-Through-Storms: “They killed themselves. Drank poison from this chalice. You don’t think…”
Swims-at-Night: “That the door only opens for the poisoned? Might be. I can brew a poison that won’t kill us. But it won’t be pleasant…”
Sails-Through-Storms: “I’m not drinking poison just to find some ring. I’m out.”
Swims-at-Night: “Your loss. Me, I’ll do a lot for treasure. And lost cities are always FULL of treasure.”

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