Legends:Ominous Tidings

Something isn’t right in the Dark Brotherhood…
Episode:The High Priest
Story Characters:Kellen
Previous Quest:Cultists’ Meeting Place
Next Quest:Episode 4 Intro

Alisanne Dupre walking down the streets of Falkreath

Ominous Tidings serves as an interlude between the third and fourth episodes in the story of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, and is unlocked by completing Cultists’ Meeting Place. Kellen tells of what happened after the defeat of Rathir:

Kellen: “The necromancer’s words unnerved many in the sanctuary. Who had warned him?”
Kellen: “It was no coincidence that not long after the incident, the Listener herself chose to visit Falkreath.”
Kellen: “This was the agent’s chance to gain her trust, and learn where she and the Night Mother dwelt.”

You are then brought to the Episode 4 Intro.

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