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Mecinar’s Creation

The Abominator

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ClassIntelligenceWillpowerWillpower Mage
Prophecies Prophecy1x Dark Harvester, 2x Gearwork Spider, 1x Lightning Bolt, 2x Spider Worker
AttributesIntelligence 11Willpower 11Willpower 5Neutral 14
RarityCommon 20Rare 20Rare 3Epic 4Legendary 4Legendary 3


AttributesRarityMagicka Curve

Deck List
QuantityAttributesNameType (Subtype)MagickaPowerHealthRarityAbility
2IntelligenceCruel FirebloomAction02Rare RareSacrifice a creature to deal 5 damage to a random enemy creature
2IntelligenceBrutal AshlanderCreature (Dark Elf)1111Common CommonLast Gasp: Deal 3 damage to a random enemy.
2NeutralGearwork Spider ProphecyCreature (Dwemer)1111Common CommonProphecy, Guard
Summon: Summon all Gearwork Spiders in your discard pile.
1WillpowerMarked ManCreature (Imperial)1111Common CommonSummon: Put a 0/2 Makeshift Defenses with Guard into your hand.
2NeutralAssembled SentryCreature (Factotum)2111Common CommonAssemble: +0/+2 or Guard.
2IntelligenceSoul SplitAction21Common CommonSacrifice a creature to summon a 3/2 Sundered Shade in each lane.
2NeutralSpider Worker ProphecyCreature (Dwemer)2011Common CommonProphecy
Summon: Draw a card.
2NeutralAssembled SanitizerCreature (Factotum)3121Common CommonAssemble: +2/+0 or Lethal.
1IntelligenceDesperate ConjuringAction33Epic EpicSacrifice a creature to summon a random creature that costs 2 more.
1NeutralDwarven SphereCreature (Dwemer)3231Common CommonSummon: Shackle an enemy creature.
1WillpowerReconstruction EngineSupport33Epic EpicUses: 5

Activate: Give a friendly creature -1/-1 and summon a 1/1 Reconstructed Spider.

1IntelligenceReverberating StrikeAction31Common CommonDeal 3 damage to a creature and all enemy creatures with the same name.
2IntelligenceShalk FabricantCreature (Fabricant)3241Common CommonGuard
Summon: If you have a Neutral card in play, put a random action into your hand.
1WillpowerKagouti FabricantCreature (Fabricant)4331Common CommonSummon: If you have a Neutral card in play, summon a Kagouti Fabricant in the other lane.
1IntelligenceLightning Bolt ProphecyAction41Common CommonProphecy
Deal 4 damage.
1NeutralClockwork DragonCreature (Dragon)5443Epic EpicSummon: If Clockwork Dragon is in the left lane, +2/+0 and Drain. Otherwise, +0/+2 and Guard.
1WillpowerMecinar’s WillAction52Rare RareSteal an enemy creature with 3 power or less until the end of the turn. It gains Charge.
1NeutralAssembled TitanCreature (Factotum)6444Legendary LegendaryAssemble: Choose two: +2/+0, +0/+2, deal 2 damage to your opponent, or you gain 2 health.
1NeutralBrass ArquebusCreature (Dwemer)6333Epic EpicLast Gasp: Draw three different random 1-cost creatures from your deck.
1WillpowerThe Mechanical HeartSupport64Legendary LegendaryOngoing

When you have 0 or less health, sacrifice The Mechanical Heart, set your health to 10, and restore a rune.

1NeutralDark Harvester ProphecyCreature (Dreugh)7241Common CommonProphecy, Guard
Summon: Gain 4 health.
1NeutralMecinarCreature (Dark Elf)8444Legendary LegendarySummon: Stitch together the top creature from both decks to create an Abomination and put it into your hand.

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