Legends:Bleakcoast Ridge

Collect a frost troll’s toe
Episode:The Frozen Path
Opponent Name:Frost Troll
Opponent Class:IntelligenceEnduranceEndurance Sorcerer
Starting Health:30
Special Conditions:Harsh Conditions
Story Characters:Laaneth
Previous Quest:Alfe Fyr
Concurrent Quest:Sightless Pit, Mount Anthor
Next Quest:Return to Alfe Fyr
Reward:Playset of: Grappling Hook

The Frozen Path: Bleakcoast Ridge[edit]

Bleakcoast Ridge is a location of the second episode of Return to Clockwork City, The Frozen Path, unlocked by completing Alfe Fyr. When you enter the match, you are warned, “Beware! There will be an Ice Storm every 5 turns!” You will begin the match with the support Harsh Conditions. Upon completing it for the first time, you will be rewarded with a playset of Grappling Hook.

If you chose to return the ring in the Darkened Forest in Episode 1, you will begin the match with a Snow Wolf in each lane. Completing the mission this way grants you the Friend to Animals title.

This location must be completed, along with Sightless Pit and Mount Anthor, to be able to move on with Return to Alfe Fyr.


Pre-match, returned the ring:
Kellen: “As Laaneth and the hero searched for a frost troll, a fearsome storm kicked up. Out of the snow, a pack of wolves emerged. Somehow, the hero knew they wished to join in the hunt.”
Pre-match, did not return the ring:
Laaneth: “I see a frost troll up ahead. But be careful – I think a storm is coming.”
During the Match:
At the start of the match:
Laaneth: “The winds are whipping up. Let’s be careful out there.”
When the first Ice Storm is one turn away:
Laaneth: “That ice storm is almost here. Lookout [sic]!”
Second Ice Storm:
Laaneth: “Dark clouds coming in fast. Take cover!
Third Ice Storm:
Laaneth: “The storm’s returning. Brace yourself.”
Post-match, returned the ring:
Kellen: “With the frost troll defeated, the wolves let out a victorious howl, and faded into the snow.”
Nagh: “Nagh does not understand.”
Kellen: “Nor did Lanneth. But it seemed to the hero that they were being repaid for a past kindness.”
Post-match, did not return the ring:
Laaneth: “All right. Got the toe. Now let’s get somewhere warm.”

Game Settings[edit]

If the player chose to return the ring in the Darkened Forest in Episode 1, player starts with a Snow Wolf in each lane.


Player starts with a Harsh Conditions on board.


Ai starts with a High Hrothgar on board.
Player starts with a Harsh Conditions on board.

Opponent Decklist[edit]

QuantityAttributesNameType (Subtype)MagickaPowerHealthRarityAbility
3EnduranceDeathless DraugrCreature (Skeleton)1111Common CommonLast Gasp: Summon a 1/1 Skeleton.
1EnduranceAncient LookoutCreature (Skeleton)2231Common CommonWhen you summon a Dragon, summon a 1/1 Draugr Sentry with Guard.
1EnduranceWind Keep SpellswordCreature (Breton)2221Common CommonWard
2EnduranceFrostbite Spider ProphecyCreature (Spider)3322Rare RareProphecy, Lethal
2EnduranceHackwing FeatherItem33Epic EpicRegenerate
1EnduranceHaunting SpiritCreature (Spirit)3332Rare RareLast Gasp: Give a random friendly creature +3/+3.
2EnduranceYoung MammothCreature (Mammoth)3442Rare RareBreakthrough
2EnduranceCave GrahlCreature (Troll)4243Epic EpicRegenerate
1EnduranceCorrupted ShadeCreature (Spirit)4553Epic EpicWard
At the end of your turn, if Corrupted Shade doesn’t have a Ward, sacrifice it.
2EnduranceFrost TrollCreature (Troll)4163Epic EpicRegenerate
When Frost Troll takes damage, it gains that much power.
2IntelligenceIce WraithCreature (Wraith)4223Epic EpicAt the start of your turn, put an Ice Spike into your hand.
1IntelligenceMystic Dragon ProphecyCreature (Dragon)4441Common CommonProphecy
2EnduranceRestless TemplarCreature (Skeleton)4521Common CommonLast Gasp: Gain 5 health.
2EnduranceStampeding MammothCreature (Mammoth)5463Epic EpicBreakthrough
Stampeding Mammoth has +2/+0 for each other friendly creature with Breakthrough.
1IntelligenceWinter’s GraspAction53Epic EpicShackle all enemy creatures.
2EnduranceStonehill MammothCreature (Mammoth)6571Common CommonSummon: Draw a card if you have two other Endurance creatures.
2EnduranceLowland TrollCreature (Troll)7482Rare RareRegenerate
1EnduranceFrost GiantCreature (Giant)810104Legendary LegendaryRegenerate
When a creature heals, you gain that much health.
QuantityAttributesNameType (Subtype)MagickaPowerHealthRarityAbility
2EnduranceEncumbered ExplorerCreature (Imperial)1232Rare RareShackle Encumbered Explorer after he attacks.
2EnduranceBarrow StalkerCreature (Vampire)2232Rare RareDrain, Guard
2IntelligenceEnduranceEnduranceSorcerer’s NegationAction22Rare RareSilence a creature, then deal 2 damage to it.
2IntelligenceCamlorn Sentinel ProphecyCreature (Breton)3241Common CommonProphecy, Guard
2EnduranceDark GuardianCreature (Skeleton)3251Common CommonGuard
When your opponent draws a Prophecy from a rune being destroyed, draw a card.
2EnduranceEast Empire CrafterCreature (Imperial)3241Common CommonWhen you summon another creature with 5 health or more, give it +1/+1 and Guard.
1EnduranceSoul TearAction31Common CommonShout

Level 1: Draw a creature from your discard pile.
Level 2: Draw a creature from your discard pile and give it +2/+2.
Level 3: Draw a creature from your discard pile and give it +5/+5.

2EnduranceStalwart AllyCreature (Argonian)3331Common CommonSummon: +0/+2 and Guard if the top card of your deck is Endurance.
1EnduranceEmperor Titus Mede IICreature (Imperial)4144Legendary LegendaryAt the end of your turn, give the top creature of your deck +1/+1 and Guard.
2EnduranceFrost TrollCreature (Troll)4163Epic EpicRegenerate
When Frost Troll takes damage, it gains that much power.
1IntelligenceLightning Bolt ProphecyAction41Common CommonProphecy
Deal 4 damage.
1EnduranceLucien LachanceCreature (Imperial)4154Legendary LegendaryLethal
When another friendly creature Slays, give it +2/+2.
2EnduranceHallowed DeathpriestCreature (Skeleton)5353Epic EpicSummon: Transform the highest cost creature in your opponent’s hand into a Shriveled Mummy.
2EnduranceLurking Mummy ProphecyCreature (Mummy)5261Common CommonProphecy, Guard
2EnduranceBlack Worm NecromancerCreature (Imperial)6442Rare RareSummon: If you have more health than your opponent, summon a random creature from your discard pile.
1IntelligenceEnduranceEnduranceHigh King EmericCreature (Breton)6554Legendary LegendaryWard
Summon: Deal 2 damage for each friendly creature with a Ward.
1EnduranceLowland TrollCreature (Troll)7482Rare RareRegenerate
1EnduranceNahagliivCreature (Dragon)7774Legendary LegendaryGuard
Your opponent can’t target Nahagliiv with actions.
1IntelligenceAncanoCreature (High Elf)8554Legendary LegendaryBreakthrough

Summon: Deal 5 damage.

Your actions have Breakthrough.

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Conc: Sightless Pit or Mount Anthor
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