Legends:Student of Arms

Student of Arms
Creature (Redguard)
LG-card-Student of Arms.png
Deck code IDpK
Card SetLG-icon-Core Set.png Core Set
Magicka CostLG-icon-Magicka.png6
AttributeIntelligence Intelligence
PowerPower 4HealthHealth 4
RarityEpic Epic
Summon: Equip Student of Arms with the highest cost item from your discard pile.

Student of Arms is an epic Intelligence creature card.


When summoned:

“My training is complete.”

“I will learn by doing.”

When attacking:

“Faithless coward!”

“Scales of Satakal!”

“Shut up, scum.”


  • This card was previously part of the training mechanic where it could be upgraded into Master of Arms at level 34.

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