Legends:Reachman Intelligence

Reachman Intelligence
LG-card-Reachman Intelligence.png
Card SetLG-icon-Isle of Madness.png Isle of Madness
Magicka CostLG-icon-Magicka.png20
AttributeNeutral Neutral
RarityCommon Common
Reachman Intelligence deals 20 damage to you.
When you discard Reachman Intelligence, play it.

Reachman Intelligence is a common Neutral action card. It is not obtainable as part of your collection, but instead appears in the Druadach Pass match in the Isle of Madness story.


  • When the card is played, a letter listing ingredients of a deadly poison gas the Reachman intend to use against the Imperial army is revealed. These are ingredients for a damage health potion following the alchemy effects as seen in Skyrim. It reads:

This will stop those imperials. Mix together in a boiling pot.
Falmer Ear
Red Mountain Flower


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