Rewards: Campaign, Leveling and Races

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Guide: Rewards: Campaign, Leveling and Races

By: Ashmore 2 months ago

Not UpdatedUse this article for up to date informations.

Act 1
The first act cards rewards helps you build your very first deck: The WillpowerBand of Survivors Crusader deck.
This is also used as a tutorial and will make you reach level 5 by the time you finish it, so I will also display the level rewards up to level 5 here.

Chapter 1: The fighting Pits
Game rewards:

Level 2 Reward:

Chapter 2: The Escape
Game rewards:

Level 2 Reward:

Chapter 3: Dark Omens
Game rewards:

Level 3 Reward:

Chapter 4: Bandit Ambush
Game rewards:

  1. Steel Scimitar if you choose to spare the last bandit.
  2. Execute if you choose to execute the last bandit.

Chapter 5: Fugitives
Game rewards:

Level 4 Reward:

Chapter 6: The Hungry Pack
Game rewards:

  1. Snow Wolf if you choose to adopt the pup.
  2. Cast Out if you choose to abandon the pup.

Chapter 7: Hopes Dashed
Game rewards:

[Starter] Band of Survivors

By: Ashmore
Posted: 2 months ago
Rating: 0
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Execute 1


Fiery Imp 1

Fiery Imp

Morthal Watchman 2

Morthal Watchman

Scuttler 2


Sunhold Medic 2

Sunhold Medic

Bruma Profiteer 1

Bruma Profiteer

Jerall Forager 1

Jerall Forager

Kvatch Soldier 2

Kvatch Soldier

Legion Shield 1

Legion Shield

Orc Clansman 2

Orc Clansman

Skingrad Patroller 2

Skingrad Patroller

Starved Hunger 1

Starved Hunger

Battlerage Orc 2

Battlerage Orc

Cast Out 1

Cast Out

Crushing Blow 3

Crushing Blow

Imperial Legionnaire 2

Imperial Legionnaire

Mighty Ally 1

Mighty Ally

Resolute Ally 1

Resolute Ally

Valenwood Huntsman 2

Valenwood Huntsman

Bog Lurcher 1

Bog Lurcher

Divine Conviction 1

Divine Conviction

Dreugh Shell Armor 2

Dreugh Shell Armor

Fireball 1


Heavy Battleaxe 2

Heavy Battleaxe

Hive Defender 2

Hive Defender

Whiterun Trooper 2

Whiterun Trooper

Grahtwood Ambusher 1

Grahtwood Ambusher

Loyal Housecarl 1

Loyal Housecarl

Piercing Javelin 2

Piercing Javelin

Tusked Bristleback 1

Tusked Bristleback

Golden Saint 1

Golden Saint

Senche-Tiger 2


Triumphant Jarl 1

Triumphant Jarl

Level 5 Reward:

Chapter 8: Swims-at-night
Game rewards:

Daedric Dagger 2

Daedric Dagger

Dune Rogue 2

Dune Rogue

Guild Recruit 3

Guild Recruit

Helstrom Footpad 2

Helstrom Footpad

Hist Speaker 3

Hist Speaker

Oldgate Warden 3

Oldgate Warden

Stormhold Henchman 3

Stormhold Henchman

Blacksap Protector 2

Blacksap Protector

Imperial Armor 2

Imperial Armor

Skooma Racketeer 2

Skooma Racketeer

Slaughterfish 2


Stalwart Ally 2

Stalwart Ally

Swift Strike 1

Swift Strike

Thievery 2


Tree Minder 3

Tree Minder

An-Xileel Invader 1

An-Xileel Invader

Archein Guerrilla 2

Archein Guerrilla

Northpoint Lieutenant 2

Northpoint Lieutenant

Preserver of the Root 1

Preserver of the Root

Territorial Viper 1

Territorial Viper

Black Worm Necromancer 2

Black Worm Necromancer

Cliff Racer 1

Cliff Racer

Soulrest Marshal 1

Soulrest Marshal

Thorn Histmage 1

Thorn Histmage

Wild Spriggan 1

Wild Spriggan

Chaurus Reaper 1

Chaurus Reaper

Swamp Leviathan 2

Swamp Leviathan

Act 2
I won’t display player level rewards here as you can level up with the new modes you’ve unlocked: Practice and Versus Battle.

Chapter 9: Broadsides

Chapter 10: Unwelcome Intrusion

  1. Green-Touched Spriggan if you choose to Follow.
  2. Hackwing Feather if you choose to Loot.

Chapter 11: The Rescue

[Starter] Dunmer Avengers

By: Ashmore
Posted: 2 months ago
Rating: +1
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Cruel Firebloom 2

Cruel Firebloom

Arrow in the Knee 2

Arrow in the Knee

Brutal Ashlander 3

Brutal Ashlander

Firebolt 3


Dunmer Nightblade 2

Dunmer Nightblade

Finish Off 2

Finish Off

Redoran Enforcer 3

Redoran Enforcer

Soul Split 2

Soul Split

Stalking Crocodile 2

Stalking Crocodile

Steel Sword 1

Steel Sword

Camlorn Adventurer 3

Camlorn Adventurer

Cunning Ally 2

Cunning Ally

Frenzied Witchman 1

Frenzied Witchman

Giant Bat 1

Giant Bat

House Kinsman 1

House Kinsman

Nimble Ally 2

Nimble Ally

Varanis Courier 2

Varanis Courier

Baron of Tear 1

Baron of Tear

Deshaan Sneak 2

Deshaan Sneak

Dres Guard 2

Dres Guard

Elusive Schemer 1

Elusive Schemer

Royal Sage 1

Royal Sage

Sadras Agent 1

Sadras Agent

Twilight Werebat 1

Twilight Werebat

Soulrest Marshal 1

Soulrest Marshal

Fate’s Witness 1

Fate's Witness

Quin’Rawl Skulker 1

Quin'Rawl Skulker

Ransack 2


Shocking Wamasu 2

Shocking Wamasu

Chapter 12: Tangled Web

  1. Shimmerene Peddler if you choose to Help.
  2. 50 Gold if you choose to Rob.

Chapter 13: The Brawl

Chapter 14: A Fractured Legion

[Starter] Imperial Might

By: Ashmore
Posted: 2 months ago
Rating: +1
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Suppress 1


Apprentice’s Potion 3

Apprentice's Potion

Cheydinhal Sapper 3

Cheydinhal Sapper

Detain 2


Rotting Draugr 3

Rotting Draugr

Scouting Patrol 3

Scouting Patrol

Bruma Profiteer 2

Bruma Profiteer

Fharun Defender 3

Fharun Defender

Fifth Legion Trainer 2

Fifth Legion Trainer

Kvatch Soldier 1

Kvatch Soldier

Skingrad Patroller 1

Skingrad Patroller

Barded Guar 2

Barded Guar

Bruma Armorer 2

Bruma Armorer

Imperial Legionnaire 1

Imperial Legionnaire

Two-Moons Contemplation 1

Two-Moons Contemplation

Cursed Spectre 1

Cursed Spectre

Edict of Azura 1

Edict of Azura

Imperial Reinforcements 2

Imperial Reinforcements

Midnight Sweep 2

Midnight Sweep

War Cry 2

War Cry

Black Worm Necromancer 1

Black Worm Necromancer

Disciple of Namira 1

Disciple of Namira

Imperial Siege Engine 2

Imperial Siege Engine

Piercing Javelin 1

Piercing Javelin

Watch Commander 1

Watch Commander

Golden Saint 1

Golden Saint

Night Patrol 1

Night Patrol

Legion Praefect 2

Legion Praefect

Rising Legate 1

Rising Legate

Volkihar Lord 1

Volkihar Lord

Act 3

Chapter 15: Ladies and Gentlemen!

  • 50 Soul Gems

Chapter 16: The Restless Dead

  1. Haunting Spirit if you choose to Take.
  2. Plea to Kynareth if you choose to Destroy.


  1. Tyr if you choose Tyr.
  2. Orb of Vaermina if you choose The Orb.

Chapter 17: Reive’s Wrath

Chapter 18: A Knife in the Dark

Chapter 19: The Siege of the Imperial City

Chapter 20: The Showdown

Maple Shield 2

Maple Shield

Nord Firebrand 2

Nord Firebrand

Crown Quartermaster 3

Crown Quartermaster

Fiery Imp 2

Fiery Imp

Steel Scimitar 2

Steel Scimitar

Bone Bow 2

Bone Bow

Dunmer Nightblade 1

Dunmer Nightblade

Evermore Steward 2

Evermore Steward

High Rock Summoner 2

High Rock Summoner

Plunder 1


Rihad Nomad 3

Rihad Nomad

Skilled Blacksmith 2

Skilled Blacksmith

Assassin’s Bow 2

Assassin's Bow

Mace of Encumbrance 2

Mace of Encumbrance

Skaven Pyromancer 2

Skaven Pyromancer

Alik’r Bandit 1

Alik'r Bandit

Ash Servant 1

Ash Servant

Ferocious Dreugh 2

Ferocious Dreugh

Rampaging Minotaur 2

Rampaging Minotaur

Royal Sage 1

Royal Sage

Sentinel Battlemace 1

Sentinel Battlemace

Tome of Alteration 3

Tome of Alteration

Dragonstar Rider 1

Dragonstar Rider

Stronghold Prototype 1

Stronghold Prototype

Winter’s Touch 1

Winter's Touch

Initiate of Hircine 1

Initiate of Hircine

Student of Arms 1

Student of Arms

Triumphant Jarl 1

Triumphant Jarl

Whirling Duelist 1

Whirling Duelist

Reclusive Giant 1

Reclusive Giant

Expert Atromancer 1

Expert Atromancer

Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4:

Level 5:

Level 6:

Level 7:

Level 8:

Level 9:

Level 10:

Level 11:

Level 12:

Level 13:

Level 14:

Level 15:

Level 16:

Level 17:

Level 18:

Level 19:

Level 20:

Level 21:

Level 22:

Level 23:

Level 26:

Level 28:

Level 30:

Level 32:

Level 34:

Level 36:

Level 38:

Level 40:

Level 42:

Level 44:

Level 46:

Level 48:

Level 50:

Under Construction

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Scronheim 2 months ago
Good job, thanks!

Senfol 2 months ago

Snorlax 2 months ago
Hyped for the racial rewards :D

Keiichim 1 month ago
Nice Guide! Thx!

Plz, RACIAL rewards!

Talek 1 month ago
Didn’t recorded my full account, but i hope this last few levels help and someone will add earlier.

Every 10 levels you get a Pack & 100 Gold along Legendary upgrade.

I only recorded rewards from lvl 37+

37: random epic
39: random epic
41: racial bonus rare
43: random epic
45: random epic + pack
46: racial bonus epic
47: random epic
49: random epic

frollaty 1 month ago
Hello, thanks for this post.
I pop 24 today and i got a legendary unique purple green Red Bramman. My race is argonian.
I’m pretty sure it was for my new level, or was i dreaming?

1 Reply
Daenthir 1 month ago
In lvl 24 and 32,you get racial legendary card as reward.

Keiichim 1 month ago
LvL 24 / 32

Race Legendary Cards (Attribute, U=Unique)
Wood Elf Ungolim the Listener (A,U), Allena Benoch (S/A,U)
Redguard Merric-at-Aswala(S/I,U)
Nord Relentless Raider(S), Tyr(S/W,U), Haafingar Marauder(W),Miraak,Dragonborn(W,U)
Orc Wood Orc Headhunter(S), Gortwog gro-Nagorm(S/E,U)
Dark Elf Queen Barenziah(I/A,U), Necrom Mastermind(A), Indoril Archmage(I), Divayth Fyr (I,U)
Khajitt Descendant of Alkosh(W), Ahnassi(W/A,U), Quin’rawl Burglar(A), Thieves’ Den(A)
Argonian Black Marsh Warden(E), Red Bramman(E/A,U)
High Elf Ayrenn(I/W,U), Mentor’s Ring(I)
Breton Daggerfall Mage(I), High King Emeric(I/E,U), Supreme Atromancer(I)
Imperial Lucien Lachance(E,U), General Tullius(W/E,U), Renowned Legate(W)

By coolerz619 (Reddit)

SunEagle 3 weeks ago

concerning leveling rewards, for my own experience and after watching some videos on youtube :
* Lvl 6 : 1 racial common card
* Lvl 7 : 1 racial rare card
* Lvl 8 : 1 random epic card (not always desperate conjuring)
* Lvl 12 : 1 racial rare card
* Lvl 14 : 1 random rare card
* Lvl 16 : 1 racial epic card
* Lvl 18 : 1 random rare card (not sure)
* Lvl 20 : 1 booster & 100 Gold
* Lvl 22 : 1 random epic card
* Lvl 24 : 1 racial legendary card
* Lvl 25 : 1 booster & 1 random rare card

TubeStar 3 days ago
Racial reards coming anytime soon or did the writers forget about this article?

1 Reply
Ashmore 3 days ago
No did not forgot.
The problem is it is not clear yet how the racial rewards works (the best you can have are in the comments above).
Plus, it appears that the rewards are constantly changing during the beta.

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