Update: 1.1: Arena Simulator

update-1-1-arena-simulator Thread
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Ashmore 1 month ago
Hello everyone

Let me introduce you our latest tool: The Arena Simulator.
Accessible here: Arena Simulator

You now have access to a new menu item on the menu where you can access this website’s tools (only one so far but more coming).

From it you can access to the Arena Simulator where you will be prompted to pick a class for your run:


You will then be able to draft your deck:


Once you are done, if you are a registered user, you will be able to save your Arena Run and share the results:


The purpose of this tool is to discuss your picks with other and get better so feel free to use it and share your run on the forums.

You will also be able to view all your Saved Arenas from you profile page.

Quick note: As there are no official numbers for the percent of chances to get a Legendary card choice (or Epic, Rare and Common), I’ve used custom numbers that I think, feels like the game.

Have a great day!


TwoEagles 1 month ago

MacDermot 1 month ago
Hey, this is a nice feature but it would be great if you could somehow add a feature that lets you choose what cards appear, so that you can save your own arenas that you draft in-game. Currently I don’t think there’s a practical way to see what your deck is in-game, so a feature like that on this forum would be great!

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Ashmore 1 month ago
Absolutely. That will be a different tool though, something like what Heartharena does for Hearthstone. =)

MacDermot 1 month ago
I just found out that there is a small icon to the left of the main arena screen, where you can click and your deck appears. Took like ten or so arena runs for me to figure that one out.

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