Lame legendarys

lame-legendarys Thread
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MacDermot 2 months ago
Instead of ranting about how pay2win a ccg naturally is, I think it would be fun to rank worst, as in lamest, legendarys. Inspired by the legendary card crafting list. Feel free to correct me and post your own picks!

Note: This is not from a purely “constructed playable” perpective, instead I picked the five cards wich feels least “legendary” to me. Not in any particular order.

1: Relentless Raider. A 2 mana 2/1 with a mediocre at best ability. Seriosly, Fiery Imp does this guys job better and that guy is a common.
2: Volendrung. This card makes my Elder Scrolls heart bleed. Volendrung is one of the most iconic weapons in tes lore, and this card is a joke. It’s not even a weapon?? And on top of that, it’s a trash card!
3: Staff of Sparks. What even is this card. It has no lore, is really bad and does so many seemingly random things. What strategy is this good in? I don’t know, I’ve never played it or even seen it in action.
4: Allena Benoch Takes the prize as the worst unique legendary in the game. To be expected from a 6 mana 1/1 I guess. Maybe it’s better than I give it credit for, but still. It’s a 6 mana 1/1. Can’t get over that. Also, I’ve never heard of a character inte the Elder Scrolls named Allena Benoch.
5: Spider Daedra. What?? No??? Seriosly, I hope every time I see this card that I’ve misread it. It’s an 8 mana 4/2 that spawn a bunch of dudes, that THEN DIE. As if 2 measly health is expected to survive any amount of turns. This card makes me sad and I hope there is something I’ve missed about it. If I ever get this from a pack I will cry. Actually, thats true for every card on this list.


MightyGorgon 2 months ago
Nice list but I have to correct it slightly. Allena Benoch is clearly not a good legendary at all (no one plays it), but a lot of people seem to forget that her summon ability insta kills any creature without ward. It combines an Edict of Azura and a Deadly Draugr in one card (4 magicka + 1 magicka for 6 magicka, but you used only 1 card), so it can be a good substitute to a hard removal in a beginner’s deck that lacks the staple removal cards.

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MacDermot 2 months ago
Yes I know her arrows kills creatures istantly, it says so in the tool-tip. But as you said, it’s still a bad card. Also, it can’t kill support cards like Edict can.

How is a legendary a good substitute in a beginners deck? Finish off is common and better.

I meant if someone already had Allena Benoch (from a pack or from a leveling up reward) of course, definitely not to craft it…

ulfurfenris 2 months ago
Relentless Raider can be an very strong Card an Finisher. My last Opponent plays an nice Battlemage. First Time i think, okay thats no Problem and the Game running to my Favor. After the first Brilliant Experiment i think “OhOh?!” and then i become the Bill. Wispmother comes and i cant remove them. And then cames the Line with Relentless Raider. Bumm Bumm Bumm. Game Over. Was shocked and think WTF was this for an nice Deck? :D

To the Rest i give u right.
Spider Daedra i have in my Collection. Was an Draw in Arena Pack. Its an Nice to Have Card. When it Works and u Opponent cant remove it then it can be make very Fun. But only when it work. And this is One Times from 50 Games? :D

The other Legends in u List i dont see ingame often.

mets 2 months ago
clearly you have never seen a Relentless Raider otk combo. you play a battlemage deck with Wispmother and Relentless Raider then you get five raiders on board and break one rune and your opponent dies. super fun and interactive

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MacDermot 2 months ago
I have never seen a Relentless raider otk combo, didn’t know that existed. So the card is better than I originally thought, but I still think it’s a pretty lame legendary since it such a tiny guy and easily compares to something like Lillandril Hexmage.

mets 2 months ago
Yeah, you are right that in vacuum relentless raider is not a very good card, and certainly not worth crafting. Though pulling off the combo has been extremely fun and rewarding

Pyxel 1 month ago
I’m not sure if this would work, but wouldn’t staff of sparks + a creature with lethal clean the lane?
Sounds really good to me

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DarkVaati 1 month ago
That seems to be the case if the “it” clause from the card’s wording refers to “the equipped creature”. In that case the card would definitely need to receive some more attention, even though high-cost cards that need other specific cards to work are always a problem.

DarkVaati 1 month ago
In practice, Indoril Archmage does a pretty similar, yet more reliable job.

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