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Faid 2 months ago
let this be a dedicated deck list sharing thread!

Some important things to include could be:
– What rank you peaked at
– A blurb about the goals of the deck
– Screenshot or link to a deck builder page here on the site
– Potentially credit to the person who orignally showed you the deck or theory-crafted the idea


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Faid 2 months ago
A lot of those decks do not include the things I specified, and I wanted to encourage people to use the builder and engage in discussion. As well as link decks that they are using at this moment, not that they have used or want to use.

ashtar 1 month ago
Honestly I didn’t have anything like a “theroycrafting idea” shile creating this deck. Anyway I think it is not too bad since I’ve reported a 60% of winnings even tough this is the first CTCG I’ve ever played. Here’s the link to my deck. At the moment I’m at the “Mage” rank and in need of a few other win to pass to the next one (I think it’s called Shadow). There’s no particular “objective” for this deck a part from having a bit of fun in worthy contests since I consider it a Work in Progress. I’m obviously open to every suggestion regarding how to improve it.

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