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MarioZG 2 weeks ago

I have created tracker for logging games and rewards. Since there is no discovered log file for Legends data entry is manual, but it’s easier than managing excel spreadsheets that are available. It puts overlay window over game (that you can collapse) where you can enter games and rewards.

I have been using it for some time, now decided to make it public, hopefully someone might find it useful.

It’s available

If there will be interest, there are features i would implement (like managing cards in decks, deck history etc..)

I’d appreciate any feedback!


Solair3 1 week ago
I downloaded it, how do I make this app start? Seems like a nice tool

MarioZG 1 week ago
Compiled version is . Just unzip and run ESLTracker.exe

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Solair3 1 week ago
fine job sir. Will try it out.

Does ZG stands for ‘Zagreb’?

MarioZG 1 week ago
Solair3 wrote:
Does ZG stands for ‘Zagreb’? [/quote

nope, i’m form Poland :) Would love to visit one day :) Would love to visit one day :)]

MarioZG 1 week ago
Just released new version –

MarioZG 1 day ago
v0.3 has been released

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