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brand-new-need-some-help Thread
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I just need some help with some deck ideas that will get me through till I start collecting all the better cards. Just finished campaign. What’s the quickest way to collect everything? Arenas or packs? Just need some advice to get this rolling!


MacDermot 1 week ago
Arenas, especially solo arena, is a semi-casual and really fun game-mode. It’s also alot better for getting cards, since it gives you experience and better rewards – you just need to invest the time to do it.

Alternatively, you can just grind constructed ang 1 card + gold every 3 games; but don’t get to intimidated, you can easily reach rank 7 or higher on extremely budget decks.

Most people on lower ladder rank tend to use the pre-constructed decks from the storymode, so you can beat them with those up until the middle ranks. Solo Arena is very simple if you know how to draft (just get a steady flow of minions that have a nice magicka curve), and you can get money back, a pack, and more, in exchange for ~30 mins-1 hour of your time :)

Thanks guys!

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