Intelligence is one of the five attributes currently present in Legends. The official description is:

When you use Intelligence, you rely on trickery and magic to defeat your foes. The physical strength of Intelligence creatures is almost beside the point – you can always cast a spell, equip a weapon, or conjure an Atronach to even the odds. Intelligence actions are ideal for raining destruction on the battlefield and sculpting long-term plans.


NameType (Subtype)MagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Abecean NavigatorAbecean NavigatorCreature (High Elf)2311Common CommonSummon: If the top card of your deck is an action, draw it. Otherwise, put it on the bottom.
Abnur TharnAbnur TharnCreature (Imperial)6554Legendary LegendarySummon: Abnur Tharn uses the summon ability of a creature.
Alfiq ConjurerAlfiq ConjurerCreature (Khajiit)6334Legendary LegendaryGuard
Summon: Consume a creature to summon a Flame Atronach. If you consumed an Atronach, instead summon a Storm Atronach.
Altmer FlameslingerAltmer FlameslingerCreature (High Elf)2131Common CommonWard
At the start of your turn, Altmer Flameslinger deals 1 damage to your opponent.
AncanoAncanoCreature (High Elf)8554Legendary LegendaryBreakthrough

Summon: Deal 5 damage.

Your actions have Breakthrough.

Arcanaeum LibrarianArcanaeum LibrarianCreature (Orc)2021Common CommonGains +1/+0 when you draw a card during your turn.
Arcane EnchanterArcane EnchanterSupport33Epic EpicOngoing

When you draw an item, give it a random Keyword.

Ash PiercerAsh PiercerCreature (Ash Creature)5342Rare RareSummon: Deal 3 damage to a creature if you have a creature with 5 power or more.
Ash ServantAsh ServantCreature (Ash Creature)4222Rare RareSummon: Deal 2 damage to a creature.
Attuned DremoraAttuned DremoraCreature (Daedra)5452Rare RareSummon: Gain all Keywords friendly creatures have.
Balmora SpymasterBalmora SpymasterCreature (Dark Elf)2013Epic EpicLast Gasp: Summon a random creature with cost less than or equal to your max magicka.
Barilzar's TinkeringBarilzar’s TinkeringAction22Rare RareBetray
Transform a creature into a random creature that costs 1 more.
Baron of TearBaron of TearCreature (Dark Elf)4332Rare RareSummon: Give other friendly Intelligence creatures +1/+0 and Guard.
Battlereeve of DuskBattlereeve of DuskCreature (High Elf)6333Epic EpicSummon: Give friendly creatures +1/+1 for each Keyword they have.
Black Worm NeophyteBlack Worm NeophyteCreature (Imperial)4433Epic EpicSummon: Consume a creature. Summon a 1/1 Skeleton with its Keywords.
Blast from OblivionBlast from OblivionAction31Common CommonProphecy
Invade, then deal damage equal to your Oblivion Gate’s level to a creature.
Blood SorceressBlood SorceressCreature (Redguard)1213Epic EpicAt the start of your turn, if you have 7 or more max magicka, deal 5 damage to your opponent.
Breton ConjurerBreton ConjurerCreature (Breton)4113Epic EpicWard
When Breton Conjurer’s Ward is broken, summon a 5/5 Frost Atronach with Guard.
Brilliant ExperimentBrilliant ExperimentAction33Epic EpicDraw a copy of a friendly creature.
Bringer of NightmaresBringer of NightmaresCreature (Daedra)7444Legendary LegendarySummon: See a vision of a random creature, then you must choose a creature to transform into it.
Brutal AshlanderBrutal AshlanderCreature (Dark Elf)1111Common CommonLast Gasp: Deal 3 damage to a random enemy.
Burning TouchBurning TouchAction31Common CommonProphecy
Deal 2 damage to a creature.
Camlorn HeroCamlorn HeroCreature (Breton)3421Common CommonSummon: Deal 2 damage to your opponent.
Camlorn SentinelCamlorn SentinelCreature (Breton)3241Common CommonProphecy, Guard
Cartel ArcanistCartel ArcanistCreature (Khajiit)3232Rare RareWax: +2/+0
Wane: Shackle an enemy creature.
Channeled StormChanneled StormAction31Common CommonDeal 3 damage to a creature.
Empower: +1 damage.
Clockwork City PilgrimClockwork City PilgrimCreature (High Elf)3331Common CommonGuard
Exalt 3: +2/+2.
College of WinterholdCollege of WinterholdSupport54Legendary LegendaryUses: 3

Activate: Look at three random 1-cost actions and choose one to draw. Then, increase the cost of cards this reveals by 1.

Conjuration ScholarConjuration ScholarCreature (Redguard)6121Common CommonSummon: Summon a 5/5 Frost Atronach with Guard.
Conjuration TutorConjuration TutorCreature (Breton)6333Epic EpicSummon: Shuffle three Lava Atronachs into your deck.
When you summon an Atronach, summon a copy of it in the other lane.
Corsair ShipCorsair ShipSupport42Rare RareOngoing

Summon: Summon a 1/1 Corsair.
When you summon a creature, equip it with a Steel Dagger.

Court WizardCourt WizardCreature (Breton)5351Common CommonSummon: Draw a card if you have two other Intelligence creatures.
Covenant OathmanCovenant OathmanCreature (Redguard)4241Common CommonSummon: If you have a…
Strength card in play, draw a random item from your deck.
Endurance card in play, draw a random item from your deck.
Endurance card in play, give an item in your hand +2/+2.
Craglorn ScavengerCraglorn ScavengerCreature (Redguard)3122Rare RareWhen you play or activate a support, Craglorn Scavenger gains +1/+1.
Crown QuartermasterCrown QuartermasterCreature (Redguard)1211Common CommonSummon: Put a Steel Dagger into your hand.
Crucible BlacksmithCrucible BlacksmithCreature (Wood Elf)2011Common CommonSummon: Draw an item of your choice from your deck.
Cruel FirebloomCruel FirebloomAction02Rare RareSacrifice a creature to deal 5 damage to a random enemy creature
Crystal Tower CrafterCrystal Tower CrafterCreature (High Elf)2111Common CommonAfter you play an action, Crystal Tower Crafter gains +1/+1.
Cunning AllyCunning AllyCreature (Dark Elf)3331Common CommonSummon: Put a Firebolt into your hand if the top card of your deck is Intelligence.
Daggerfall MageDaggerfall MageCreature (Breton)3224Legendary LegendaryWard
When Daggerfall Mage’s Ward is broken, put a Tome of Alteration into your hand.
Daggers in the DarkDaggers in the DarkAction01Common CommonEquip a Steel Dagger to a random friendly creature in each lane.
Dark RebirthDark RebirthAction31Common CommonSacrifice a creature to summon a copy of it.
Dark RiftDark RiftSupport33Epic EpicUses: 5

Activate: Deal 1 damage to your opponent. If Dark Rift has dealt 5 damage, sacrifice it to summon a Storm Atronach.

Desperate ConjuringDesperate ConjuringAction33Epic EpicSacrifice a creature to summon a random creature that costs 2 more.
Destruction TutorDestruction TutorCreature (High Elf)5352Rare RareYour actions that deal damage cost 2 less.
Discerning ThiefDiscerning ThiefCreature (Khajiit)3341Common CommonPilfer: Draw a card, then discard a card.
Divayth FyrDivayth FyrCreature (Dark Elf)11664Legendary LegendarySummon: Deal 6 damage to a random enemy.
At the start of your turn, Divayth Fyr summons a Daughter of Fyr.
DoppelgangerDoppelgangerCreature (Daedra)5112Rare RareSummon: Transform Doppelganger into a copy of another friendly creature.
Dragon Priest MaskDragon Priest MaskItem63Epic Epic+2/+2
Summon: Trigger the wielder’s summon ability.
Dragon's FuryDragon’s FuryAction41Common CommonDeal 3 damage to a creature, and 3 extra damage for each friendly Dragon.
Dragonstar RiderDragonstar RiderCreature (Redguard)5333Epic EpicWhen Dragonstar Rider equips an item, draw a card.
Dremora AdeptDremora AdeptCreature (Daedra)3434Legendary LegendaryWhen Dremora Adept gains a Keyword, Invade.
Dres RenegadeDres RenegadeCreature (Dark Elf)4442Rare RareGuard
Other friendly creatures are immune to Shackle.
Dres TormentorDres TormentorCreature (Dark Elf)4342Rare RareWhen an enemy creature becomes Shackled, deal 3 damage to it.
Dunmer NightbladeDunmer NightbladeCreature (Dark Elf)2211Common CommonLast Gasp: Put an Iron Sword into your hand.
Echo of AkatoshEcho of AkatoshCreature (Dragon)6554Legendary LegendaryWhen you draw a creature, give it a random Keyword.
Elixir of DeflectionElixir of DeflectionSupport52Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Give a creature a Ward.

Elixir of PotencyElixir of PotencySupport23Epic EpicUses: 3

Activate: Give a creature a random Keyword.

Elusive SchemerElusive SchemerCreature (Dark Elf)4312Rare RareSummon: Draw a card.
Last Gasp: Shuffle a 0-cost Elusive Schemer into your deck.
Embassy GuardEmbassy GuardCreature (High Elf)2041Common CommonProphecy, Guard, Ward
Emeric's WarlordEmeric’s WarlordCreature (Breton)2144Legendary LegendaryYour items have Mobilize.
When a friendly Recruit equips an item, Emeric’s Warlord gains +1/+0.
Enamor's KeeperEnamor’s KeeperCreature (Dark Elf)3434Legendary LegendaryExalt 4: Equip a +5/+0 Heirloom Greatsword to Enamor’s Keeper.
Evermore StewardEvermore StewardCreature (Breton)2112Rare RareGuard, Ward
ExcavateExcavateAction32Rare RareDraw an item or support from your discard pile.
Falling WizardFalling WizardCreature (Wood Elf)2553Epic EpicSummon: Falling Wizard deals 5 damage to himself.
Last Gasp: Put an Experimental Scroll into your hand.
Farsight NereidFarsight NereidCreature (Nereid)3331Common CommonSummon: Reveal the top card of your opponent’s deck.
Fate WeaverFate WeaverCreature (Nereid)6332Rare RareProphecy
Summon: Draw a card. If it’s a Prophecy, you may play it for free.
Fingers of the MountainFingers of the MountainAction63Epic EpicCosts 1 less for each action you’ve played this turn.

Deal 1 damage to a creature.
Deal 2 damage to a creature.
Deal 3 damage to a creature.

Fire BreathFire BreathAction31Common CommonShout

Level 1: Deal 2 damage to a creature.
Level 2: Deal 4 damage to a creature.
Level 3: Deal 10 damage to a creature.

Fire StormFire StormAction42Rare RareProphecy
Deal 2 damage to all creatures in a lane.
FireboltFireboltAction11Common CommonDeal 2 damage to a creature.
Forces of DestructionForces of DestructionAction104Legendary LegendaryInvade, then summon random Daedra with total cost 10.
Forked BoltForked BoltAction01Common CommonDeal 1 damage to a creature and your opponent.
Frazzled AlfiqFrazzled AlfiqCreature (Khajiit)2123Epic EpicWax: Deal 1 damage.
Wane: +1/+1
After you play another card Waxed, deal 1 damage.
After you play another card Waned, +1/+1.
Gardener of SwordsGardener of SwordsCreature (Redguard)3112Rare RareWhen you equip an item to another creature, equip a copy of it to Gardener of Swords.
Gardener's HarvestGardener’s HarvestItem12Rare Rare+1/+1
At the end of your turn, if Gardener’s Harvest is in your hand, it changes into a random item and keeps this ability.
Genius PathmageGenius PathmageCreature (Breton)7444Legendary LegendarySummon: Summon a random creature from your deck with cost equal to your current magicka.
Ghost Sea LookoutGhost Sea LookoutCreature (Breton)3421Common CommonWhen you summon a Dragon, Ghost Sea Lookout gains a Ward.
Ghostgate DefenderGhostgate DefenderCreature (Dark Elf)1132Rare RareGuard
Exalt 3: Deal 2 damage to a creature.
Glacial DragonGlacial DragonCreature (Dragon)6454Legendary LegendaryShackle enemy creatures damaged by friendly Dragons.
Summon: Deal 2 damage to a creature.
Glenumbra SorceressGlenumbra SorceressCreature (Breton)5512Rare RareWard
Gnarl RootbenderGnarl RootbenderCreature (Spriggan)5542Rare RareWhen an action targets Gnarl Rootbender, draw a card.
Goutfang AdeptGoutfang AdeptCreature (Khajiit)4241Common CommonWax: Draw a card.
Wane: +1/+1 and Guard.
Grave GraspGrave GraspAction41Common CommonProphecy
an enemy creature. Summon a 1/1 Skeleton for each enemy creature in its lane.
Guildsworn WayfarerGuildsworn WayfarerCreature (Redguard)2221Common CommonExpertise: +1/+1
Hannibal TravenHannibal TravenCreature (Breton)7554Legendary LegendaryAfter you play an action, Hannibal Traven learns it.
Last Gasp: Play all learned actions from your discard pile.
Hatchery MeddlerHatchery MeddlerCreature (Dark Elf)4532Rare RareSummon: Swap a creature’s power and health.
Heirloom GreatswordHeirloom GreatswordItem63Epic Epic+5/+0
Last Gasp: Returns to your hand.
High Rock SummonerHigh Rock SummonerCreature (Breton)2112Rare RareSummon: Put a random Atronach into your hand.
Ice SpikeIce SpikeAction21Common CommonDeal 2 damage to your opponent.
Draw a card.
Ice StormIce StormAction63Epic EpicDeal 3 damage to all creatures.
Ice WraithIce WraithCreature (Wraith)4223Epic EpicAt the start of your turn, put an Ice Spike into your hand.
Icewing DragonIcewing DragonCreature (Dragon)6642Rare RareSummon: Shackle an enemy creature.
Icy ShamblesIcy ShamblesCreature (Skeleton)4231Common CommonShackle creatures damaged by Icy Shambles.
Summon: Deal 2 damage to a creature.
Imbued BretonImbued BretonCreature (Breton)5441Common CommonWard
When Imbued Breton is Consumed, give the consuming creature +1/+1 and Ward.
Indoril ArchmageIndoril ArchmageCreature (Dark Elf)8664Legendary LegendaryGuard
Last Gasp: Deals 6 damage to all enemy creatures in this lane.
Insightful ScholarInsightful ScholarCreature (High Elf)5232Rare RareProphecy
Summon: Draw a card for each card your opponent drew this turn.
Invasion VanguardInvasion VanguardCreature (Daedra)2141Common CommonSummon: Invade.
J'zargoJ’zargoCreature (Khajiit)4344Legendary LegendarySummon: Put an Experimental Scroll into your hand.
Keeper of WhispersKeeper of WhispersCreature (Redguard)3343Epic EpicOther friendly creatures are immune to Silence.
Khajiiti WarhelmKhajiiti WarhelmItem22Rare Rare+1/+3
Summon: The wielder deals 1 damage to your opponent.
LaanethLaanethCreature (Dark Elf)9664Legendary LegendarySummon: Draw a card of your choice from your deck.
Lame CorprusLame CorprusCreature (Ash Creature)6561Common Common
Lesser WardLesser WardAction01Common CommonGive a creature a Ward.
Lightning BoltLightning BoltAction41Common CommonProphecy
Deal 4 damage.
Lillandril HexmageLillandril HexmageCreature (High Elf)5541Common CommonAfter you play an action, deal 1 damage to your opponent.
Lion Guard ArmamentsLion Guard ArmamentsItem51Common CommonMobilize
Luzrah gro-SharLuzrah gro-SharCreature (Orc)2234Legendary LegendaryWhen you summon a creature with 6 cost or more, both Luzrah and that creature gain +1/+1.
Mace of EncumbranceMace of EncumbranceItem32Rare Rare+2/+1
Summon: Shackle an enemy creature.
Mages Guild ConjurerMages Guild ConjurerCreature (Breton)6233Epic EpicExpertise: Summon a Flame Atronach, then upgrade the Atronach Mages Guild Conjurer summons.
Mages Guild RecruitMages Guild RecruitCreature (Argonian)2121Common CommonSummon: Reduce the cost of an action in your hand by 2.
Mages Guild RetreatMages Guild RetreatSupport73Epic EpicOngoing

At the end of each turn, if you played two actions, summon a random Atronach.

Manic JackManic JackCreature (Breton)3331Common CommonWhen Manic Jack gains a Keyword, he gains +1/+1.
Manic MutationManic MutationAction11Common CommonGive a friendly creature a random Keyword.
Master SwordsmithMaster SwordsmithCreature (Redguard)3232Rare RareAt the start of your turn, give each item in your deck +1/+1.
Master of ArmsMaster of ArmsCreature (Redguard)6443Epic EpicSummon: Master of Arms equips the two highest cost items from your discard pile.
Memory WraithMemory WraithCreature (Spirit)5553Epic EpicSummon: Banish your opponent’s discard pile.
Mentor's RingMentor’s RingItem54Legendary Legendary+3/+3
Summon: Give this creature’s Keywords to each other friendly creature.
Midnight TrespasserMidnight TrespasserCreature (Dark Elf)1221Common CommonSummon: Consume a creature to gain +1/+1.
Mighty ConjuringMighty ConjuringAction74Legendary LegendarySummon a random Atronach. If you have a creature with 5 power or more, summon a Lava Atronach instead.
Mistveil EnchanterMistveil EnchanterCreature (Breton)4221Common CommonWard
Summon: +2/+0 if you have another creature with Ward.
Moment of ClarityMoment of ClarityAction23Epic EpicReveal three random cards, then choose one to draw.
Mystic DragonMystic DragonCreature (Dragon)4441Common CommonProphecy
Mythic Dawn AcolyteMythic Dawn AcolyteCreature (Breton)5541Common CommonAt the end of each turn, if you Invaded, deal 2 damage.
Mythic Dawn InformerMythic Dawn InformerCreature (Dark Elf)2212Rare RareLast Gasp: Put a random Daedra into your hand.
Nahkriin, Dragon PriestNahkriin, Dragon PriestCreature (Skeleton)9554Legendary LegendarySummon: Draw a card and reduce its cost to 0.
Nereid SisterNereid SisterCreature (Nereid)5453Epic EpicSummon: Gain a random Keyword.
When Nereid Sister gains a Keyword, give all friendly Nereid Sisters in play, hand, and deck that keyword.
Niben Bay CutthroatNiben Bay CutthroatCreature (Redguard)1111Common Common+2/+0 while there are no enemy creatures in this lane.
Occult RitemasterOccult RitemasterCreature (Orc)4432Rare RareSummon: Put a Steel Dagger into your hand.
When Occult Ritemaster equips an item, Invade.
Palace ConspiratorPalace ConspiratorCreature (Dark Elf)2221Common CommonSummon: Draw a card, then discard a card.
Piercing TwilightPiercing TwilightCreature (Daedra)4443Epic EpicGuard
Summon: Choose a card in your opponent’s discard pile. Banish all cards from your opponent’s discard pile and deck with the same name as the chosen card.
Poetic ArmigerPoetic ArmigerCreature (Dark Elf)2232Rare RareExalt 1: Gain a random Keyword.
Pointy Wall of SpikesPointy Wall of SpikesCreature (Defense)2031Common CommonProphecy, Guard
When Pointy Wall of Spikes takes damage from a creature, it deals that much damage to that creature.
Ravaging ElixirRavaging ElixirSupport12Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Deal 1 damage to your opponent.

Rayvat the MageRayvat the MageCreature (High Elf)4224Legendary LegendaryWard
Summon: You gain Ward.
Redoran EnforcerRedoran EnforcerCreature (Dark Elf)2231Common Common
Renegade MagisterRenegade MagisterCreature (Dark Elf)5553Epic EpicAfter a friendly action damages an enemy creature, Renegade Magister deals that much damage to that creature.
Revealing the UnseenRevealing the UnseenAction32Rare RarePut two random actions into your hand.
Reverberating StrikeReverberating StrikeAction31Common CommonDeal 3 damage to a creature and all enemy creatures with the same name.
Riften PickpocketRiften PickpocketCreature (Dark Elf)4222Rare RareSummon: Reveal three random cards in your opponent’s deck. Choose one and draw a copy of it.
Royal SageRoyal SageCreature (High Elf)4442Rare RareSummon: If you have more health than your opponent, give each friendly creature a random Keyword.
Scroll SeekerScroll SeekerCreature (Breton)1121Common CommonWard
Treasure Hunt – Two actions: +1/+0
Seething Flesh GolemSeething Flesh GolemCreature (Daedra, Atronach)8383Epic EpicWhen Seething Flesh Golem attacks, deal damage equal to its power to all enemy creatures in this lane.
Sentinel ReclaimerSentinel ReclaimerCreature (Redguard)3233Epic EpicSummon: Put a Steel Dagger and Steel Sword into your hand.
Seyda Neen CourierSeyda Neen CourierCreature (Dark Elf)2011Common CommonSummon: Equip a +3/+0 Steel Sword to a friendly creature.
Shalk FabricantShalk FabricantCreature (Fabricant)3241Common CommonGuard
Summon: If you have a Neutral card in play, put a random action into your hand.
Shimmerene PeddlerShimmerene PeddlerCreature (High Elf)2223Epic EpicAt the end of each turn, if you played two actions, draw a card.
Shocking WamasuShocking WamasuCreature (Wamasu)8441Common CommonSummon: Deal 4 damage to a creature.
Shrieking HarpyShrieking HarpyCreature (Harpy)2212Rare RareProphecy
Summon: Shackle an enemy creature.
Sigil KeeperSigil KeeperCreature (Daedra)4341Common CommonSummon: Invade, then give Ward to all friendly Oblivion Gates.
Sixth House AmuletSixth House AmuletItem11Common Common+1/+1
Summon: If the wielder has 5 power or more, it gains a Ward.
Skeletal MageSkeletal MageCreature (Skeleton)7352Rare RareSummon: Consume a creature. Deal damage equal to its power to a creature.
Skilled BlacksmithSkilled BlacksmithCreature (Redguard)2232Rare RareYour items cost 1 less.
Sotha SilSotha SilCreature (God)9444Legendary LegendaryExalt 3: +4/+4
At the end of your turn, if you have an Exalted creature in play, summon an Awakened Imperfect.
Soul ShredSoul ShredAction54Legendary LegendaryFor each attribute your opponent is playing, Banish the top 2 cards of your opponent’s deck.
Empower: +1 card per attribute.
Soul SplitSoul SplitAction21Common CommonSacrifice a creature to summon a 3/2 Sundered Shade in each lane.
Soul WraithSoul WraithCreature (Spirit)1051Common CommonProphecy, Guard
SparksmithSparksmithCreature (Redguard)4442Rare RareWhen a friendly creature equips an item, deal 1 damage to your opponent.
Speaker TerenusSpeaker TerenusCreature (Imperial)10664Legendary LegendaryAfter you play an action, put a random action into your hand.
Spear of EmbersSpear of EmbersItem52Rare RareProphecy
Instead of equipping Spear of Embers, you may throw it at an enemy creature to deal 3 damage.
Spirit KnifeSpirit KnifeAction71Common CommonDeal 7 damage to a creature. Draw a card.
Staff of IceStaff of IceItem52Rare RareProphecy, Mobilize
Summon: The wielder deals 2 damage.
Staff of SparksStaff of SparksItem64Legendary Legendary+3/+0
When the wielder attacks, it deals 1 damage to all enemy creatures in this lane.
Stealer of SecretsStealer of SecretsCreature (High Elf)6111Common CommonWard
Summon: +1/+1 for each action in your discard pile.
Steel SwordSteel SwordItem21Common Common+3/+0
Strange BrewStrange BrewAction12Rare RareTransform a creature in your hand into a random creature that costs 2 more. Reduce its cost by 2.
Studious GreybeardStudious GreybeardCreature (Nord)1042Rare RareAt the start of your turn, look at the top card of your deck. You may discard it.
Studium HeadmasterStudium HeadmasterCreature (High Elf)6633Epic EpicSummon: Each player draws two cards.
Summerset OrrerySummerset OrrerySupport63Epic EpicUses: 3

Activate: Shuffle all Prophecy cards in your hand into your deck and draw that many cards.

Sunken OneSunken OneCreature (Daedra, Atronach)7571Common CommonWard
Supreme AtromancerSupreme AtromancerCreature (Breton)10334Legendary LegendarySummon: Summon a Flame Atronach in each lane.
When you summon another creature, deal 2 damage to your opponent.
Tel Vos MagisterTel Vos MagisterCreature (Dark Elf)6543Epic EpicWard
At the end of your turn, if Tel Vos Magister has a Ward, you gain a Ward.
TelekinesisTelekinesisAction43Epic EpicEquip all your items in play to a friendly creature.
Telvanni ArcanistTelvanni ArcanistCreature (Dark Elf)3322Rare RareLast Gasp: Put a random action into your hand.
Temple ConjurerTemple ConjurerCreature (Dark Elf)2222Rare RareExalt 3: Summon a 5/3 Flame Atronach with Breakthrough.
Thalmor EmbassyThalmor EmbassySupport33Epic EpicOngoing

Your High Elves cost 1 less.
You can’t be damaged by actions.

TheranaTheranaCreature (Dark Elf)5384Legendary LegendaryAfter you play an action, shuffle three 0-cost copies of that action into your deck.
Therana's LawmanTherana’s LawmanCreature (High Elf)8551Common CommonGuard, Ward
Thief of DreamsThief of DreamsCreature (Khajiit)5443Epic EpicSummon: See a vision of two of your opponent’s cards. Guess which one is in their hand. If you’re right, draw a copy of it.
Throne AlignedThrone AlignedItem22Rare RareGuard
Summon: Shackle the wielder.
Tome of AlterationTome of AlterationItem41Common Common+2/+2
Summon: Draw a card.
Traitor's FlamesTraitor’s FlamesAction73Epic EpicBetray
Deal 2 damage to all enemy creatures in a lane.
TransmogrifyTransmogrifyAction72Rare RareSacrifice a creature to summon the top creature from your deck.
Tribunal OathmanTribunal OathmanCreature (Dark Elf)4331Common CommonSummon: If you have a…
Willpower card in play, you gain 4 health.
Endurance card in play, you gain 4 health.
Endurance card in play, gain +1 max magicka.
Trusty SwordTrusty SwordItem01Common Common+2/+0
Valkynaz MageValkynaz MageCreature (Daedra)1113Epic EpicWard
When Valkynaz Mage’s Ward is broken, Invade.
Vanus's ScribeVanus’s ScribeCreature (High Elf)3432Rare RareExpertise: Reduce the cost of a random action in your hand by 1.
VastarieVastarieCreature (High Elf)5144Legendary LegendarySummon: Fill this lane with 1/1 Skeletons.
Vastarie has +1/+0 for each friendly Spirit and Skeleton.
Vigilant AncestorVigilant AncestorCreature (Spirit)3543Epic EpicGuard
Vigilant Ancestor is permanently Shackled.
Vigilant of StendarrVigilant of StendarrCreature (Breton)3521Common Common
Wandering SkeletonWandering SkeletonCreature (Skeleton)2221Common CommonLast Gasp: Summon a 1/1 Skeleton.
WardcrafterWardcrafterCreature (Breton)2212Rare RareSummon: Give a creature a Ward.
Wild ClumsinessWild ClumsinessAction31Common CommonBetray
Shackle a random enemy creature in each lane.
Winter's GraspWinter’s GraspAction53Epic EpicShackle all enemy creatures.
Wisdom of AncientsWisdom of AncientsAction23Epic EpicProphecy
Give each friendly creature a random Keyword.
WispmotherWispmotherCreature (Spirit)7553Epic EpicWhen you summon a creature that costs 2 or less, summon a copy of that creature in the other lane.
Yokudan NightbladeYokudan NightbladeCreature (Redguard)1143Epic EpicFriendly equipped creatures are Immune to Silence.

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