Card Effect
First AppearanceCore Set
Card AppearanceSupports
DescriptionSupports with Activate abilities may be used once per turn. Most of these have a limited number of uses.
StatisticsStrength 4Intelligence 4Intelligence 4Willpower 4Agility 4Agility 1Endurance 1Neutral 1Neutral 13
This count includes unobtainable and untrained cards and cards that change during play.

Activate is a card effect that can be found on Supports in the Elder Scrolls Legends that first appeared in the Core Set. Supports with Activate abilities may be used once per turn. Most of these have a limited number of uses.
In contrast to Support cards with Ongoing, cards with Activate do not have a continuous effect on the board. They need to be selected and target other cards to activate their effect. When the amount of uses is reached, the Support is sacrificed, unless it has an unlimited amount of uses. Activate can be used on the same turn as the Support is summoned. Activate can be found on Supports from all Attributes.

Cards with Activate[edit]

NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Altar of DespairAltar of DespairSupportNeutral Neutral64Legendary LegendaryUses: 12

Activate: Sacrifice a creature to summon a creature from your deck that costs 1, then increase the cost of creatures this summons by 1.

Altar of MeridiaAltar of MeridiaSupportNeutral Neutral01Common CommonUses: 2

Activate: Destroy an Undead.

College of WinterholdCollege of WinterholdSupportIntelligence Intelligence54Legendary LegendaryUses: 3

Activate: Look at three random 1-cost actions and choose one to draw. Then, increase the cost of cards this reveals by 1.

Dark RiftDark RiftSupportIntelligence Intelligence33Epic EpicUses: 5

Activate: Deal 1 damage to your opponent. If Dark Rift has dealt 5 damage, sacrifice it to summon a Storm Atronach.

Dwemer Puzzle BoxDwemer Puzzle BoxSupportNeutral Neutral22Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Discard the top card of your deck.
Last Gasp: Draw a card.

Elixir of ConflictElixir of ConflictSupportNeutral Neutral32Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Give a creature +1/+1.

Elixir of DeflectionElixir of DeflectionSupportIntelligence Intelligence52Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Give a creature a Ward.

Elixir of Light FeetElixir of Light FeetSupportAgility Agility22Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Give a creature Cover.

Elixir of MagickaElixir of MagickaSupportNeutral Neutral02Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Gain 1 magicka.

Elixir of VigorElixir of VigorSupportEndurance Endurance22Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Give a creature +0/+1.

Elixir of VitalityElixir of VitalitySupportWillpower Willpower11Common CommonUses: 3

Activate: Gain 2 health.

Elixir of the DefenderElixir of the DefenderSupportWillpower Willpower22Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Give a friendly creature Guard.

Flesh SculptureFlesh SculptureSupportNeutral Neutral33Epic EpicUses: 2

Activate: Transform each card in your hand into a random card.

GoldbrandGoldbrandSupportNeutral Neutral74Legendary LegendaryUses: 3

Activate: Deal 2 damage to a creature, then increase the damage dealt by 2.

Heroic RebirthHeroic RebirthSupportNeutral Neutral33Epic EpicUses: 3

Activate: Transform a creature card in your hand into a random Legend.

Orb of VaerminaOrb of VaerminaSupportNeutral Neutral64Legendary LegendaryUses: 3

Activate: Draw a copy of a random card from your opponent’s deck.

Ravaging ElixirRavaging ElixirSupportIntelligence Intelligence12Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Deal 1 damage to your opponent.

Reconstruction EngineReconstruction EngineSupportWillpower Willpower33Epic EpicUses: 5

Activate: Give a friendly creature -1/-1 and summon a 1/1 Reconstructed Spider.

Skirmisher's ElixirSkirmisher’s ElixirSupportStrength Strength42Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Give a creature +2/+0 and Breakthrough.

Skooma FrenzySkooma FrenzySupportNeutral Neutral01Common CommonUses: 5

Activate: Give a friendly creature Charge and reduce its health to 1.

SkyforgeSkyforgeSupportStrength Strength34Legendary LegendaryUses: 3

Activate: Equip a friendly creature with a Steel Dagger.
If Skyforge has equipped 3 daggers, it changes into Underforge.

Strategist's MapStrategist’s MapSupportWillpower Willpower32Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Summon a 0/1 Target with Guard for you or your opponent.

Summerset OrrerySummerset OrrerySupportIntelligence Intelligence63Epic EpicUses: 3

Activate: Shuffle all Prophecy cards in your hand into your deck and draw that many cards.

The Night MotherThe Night MotherSupportNeutral Neutral24Legendary LegendaryUses: Unlimited

Activate: Summon a 0/1 Target with Guard for your opponent.
When 20 enemy creatures have died, deal 20 damage to your opponent, gain 20 health, and draw up to 10 cards.

UnderforgeUnderforgeSupportStrength Strength34Legendary LegendaryUses: Unlimited

Activate: A friendly creature becomes a Werewolf.
Friendly Werewolves have +1/+1.

VolendrungVolendrungSupportStrength Strength84Legendary LegendaryUses: 2

Activate: Give a creature +4/+4 and Breakthrough.

WabbajackWabbajackSupportNeutral Neutral54Legendary LegendaryUses: 3

Activate: Transform a creature into a random creature.

Wolf CageWolf CageSupportWillpower Willpower63Epic EpicUses: 3

Activate: Summon an Uncaged Wolf.

Cards associated with Activate[edit]

NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
AlchemyAlchemyActionWillpower Willpower23Epic EpicGive your Activated supports 1 extra use.
Empower: +1 use.
Cauldron KeeperCauldron KeeperCreature (Imperial)Willpower Willpower5353Epic EpicGuard
Summon: Give your Activated supports an extra use.
You may Activate your supports an extra time each turn.
Craglorn ScavengerCraglorn ScavengerCreature (Redguard)Intelligence Intelligence3122Rare RareWhen you play or activate a support, Craglorn Scavenger gains +1/+1.
Tower AlchemistTower AlchemistCreature (Imperial)Willpower Willpower3243Epic EpicYour Activated supports have unlimited uses.


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