First seven win run!

first-seven-win-run Thread
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Yeknomious 1 week ago

Pretty chuffed with this run. It’s my first seven win streak. I know people do this all the time but I just thought I’d share it.

The deck was amazing. Curved really well. Almost no removal or card draw but this didn’t matter the slightest. The early drops just buffed out of control by mid/late game.

I lost one game to an equally good token deck. The other game was a loss due to a stupid mistake. I had just cleared the board of the opponents creatures to ensure he couldn’t take my 4 life away (he had no cards in hand at the time). I forgot he’d played Two-Moons Contemplation, a card I typically laugh at and forget. As I didn’t go for face at all (I didn’t have lethal that turn) the two Priest of the Moons dropped and took me out.

Any way this is more for my reference but I know others may find it interesting/useful to see the deck and rewards.

The deck:

The final battle:

The win screen:

The rewards unopened…

The rewards opened:

The dust from the 3 packs. I had all the cards.

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