Patch 1.60

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Patch 1.60

By: Ashmore 2 months ago


Game Changes

  • Decreased the number of available support card slots from six to four
  • Ring of Magicka
    • The Elixir of Magicka has been renamed to Ring of Magicka and is now a 3D object with no card type. It does not take up a support card slot.
    • The Ring of Magicka can no longer be destroyed by support removal or trigger cards that care about supports (such as Craglorn Scavenger)
  • Burn and Pillage
    • Burn and Pillage’s cost has been reduced from 6 to 5 and now only affects one lane
    • Previously, Burn and Pillage too often decimated the chances of a player who is on the back foot trying to make a comeback. While we want clear and effective payoffs for destroying runes, the lack of counter-play to Burn and Pillage has been a concern. The updated design makes more sense with the lane system, while still providing the ability to close the door on an opponent who is trying to contest an aggressive strategy.

Collection / Deckbuilder

  • Search terms “Premium” and “Monthly” can now be used to see only those cards
  • Search parameters are now saved when moving between screens
  • The new Set Filter provides Core and Promotional selections
  • Sellback for cards that have been rebalanced now only applies to copies that have been Soul Summoned
  • Switched the position of the Pack and Collection buttons
  • Added an Undo function for Soul Trap and Soul Summoning

Store Changes
  • The Madhouse Collection and Mad Prince Pack are now available for sale
  • Purchases of 15-pack, 40-pack, or 60-pack bundles in-game now include bonus legendary and premium legendary cards
  • We are providing all players who have previously purchased these pack bundles with a commensurate number of free legendaries to show our appreciation for your early support
  • Bonus cards can be redeemed by clicking the Open Packs button
  • Updated Store screen adds Special Offers and Current Promotions tiles to keep you appraised of the latest additions

Bugs Fixed

  • The undeletable starter deck bug has been fixed and all affected players should no longer see locked starter decks
  • Decks that were made invalid because of previous card changes will now correctly show up as invalid
  • The Supreme Atromancer title can now be unlocked by playing Flesh or Iron Atronachs as intended
  • Immolating Blast visual effects no longer reflect outdated functionality
  • Relogging after deleting an unlocked starter deck will no longer cause the starter deck to appear locked again
  • Premium Slaughterfish Spawning now summons Premium Slaughterfish as intended
  • The timer on an AFK player will no longer reset back to normal if their opponent loses a rune and triggers a prophecy
  • Users can no longer spam other players by continuously pressing enter, preventing them from using add, delete, or block buttons
  • The sound effect that plays when an Ally card’s effect succeeds is now audible
  • The Battlereeve of Dusk will now consistently buff itself when summoned in special Arena lanes

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1 Comment

No more starter decks!
Awesome content released!
Ring of Magicka!
Chaos Arena!
Burn and Pillage Nerf!
“We are providing all players who have previously purchased these pack bundles with a commensurate number of free legendaries to show our appreciation for your early support”

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