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RaceImperial[verification needed]GenderMale
First AppearancePrologue
Stories:*The Forgotten Hero
*The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood
*Return to Clockwork City
Play As☒NoBattle Against☒No

Kellen is a Moth Priest[1] and the narrator of the stories in Legends. Each of the Forgotten Hero’s stories is framed as a story Kellen is telling to his travelling companions. Very little else is known about him. It is never stated what time period he is in, whether he knew the Forgotten Hero, or how he knows the Hero’s stories.

The Forgotten Hero is a story he tells to Nagh and Isha, as they prepare for battle against an unknown enemy. Kellen tells this story to inspire Isha to take up her fallen warchief’s mask and lead her people, just as the Forgotten Hero impersonates the Emperor to lead the siege against Lord Naarifin.


Note: Kellen’s dialogue will vary at times, depending on the player’s choices.

The Forgotten Hero[edit]


Kellen: “The Elder Scrolls show us what was, and what yet will be.”
Kellen: “…and they have revealed much to me.”
Isha: “Spare us your stories, old man, unless they can sharpen spears. Our warchief is dying. Our enemies are massing for another attack. We must prepare for battle.”
Nagh: “We should go, Kellen. We have the scroll we came for. This one smells blood in the wind.”
Kellen: “Patience Nagh, I have words yet to speak here.”
Kellen: “Stories can do surprising things, spearmaiden, whether they are true or not. And this is one you should hear. It comes from the Great War that nearly ended the empire.”
Kellen: “It began when the High Elves slaughtered every Imperial Blade.”
Kellen: “Calling themselves the new Aldmeri Dominion, they and their allies swept through the land.”
Kellen: “…even capturing the Imperial City itself.”
Kellen: “The emperor fled north, leaving Cyrodiil to the invaders.”
Kellen: “This is the story of a forgotten hero who changed the very course of history.”

Bandit Ambush[edit]


Kellen: “The Dremora’s words unnerved the hero. They journeyed north to meet Laaneth, a sorceress friend of Tyr’s well versed in Daedric matters. But the road ahead was far from clear.”


Kellen: “The last bandit, seeing his fallen companions, dropped to his knees.”
Kellen: “He said that if the hero spared his life, he would show them where the robbers had hidden their ill-gotten treasure. But the merchant demanded justice.”
Isha: “And what did your hero do?”
If the player chooses “Spare”:
Kellen: “Mercy can be a profitable virtue.”
If the player chooses “Execute”:
Kellen: “The bandit’s villainous career ended there.”

The Hungry Pack[edit]


Kellen: “They chose to avoid the roads. But of course, the wilderness has its own dangers.”


Kellen: “Once they dispatched the beasts, they heard a whimpering sound. Under a nearby bush lay a cowering wolf pup.”
Isha: “Did they take it in?”
If the player chooses “Adopt” :
Kellen: “Yes. They believed it would grow into a strong companion.”
If the player chooses “Abandon”:
Kellen: “No. They had seen how dangerous these wolves could be.”



Kellen: “The cultists kidnapped the sorceress Laaneth, and had taken her north. They would use her to help them bring about a dread prophecy known as The Culling.”


Kellen: “The Argonian and the hero realized they had a common enemy. The smuggler, who was called Swims-at-Night, agreed to sail north in search of the sorceress.”

Unwelcome Intrusion[edit]


Kellen: “As the Spriggans fell, the travelers spotted one beckoning them into the woods.”
Nagh: “Nagh would have followed, but mother always said this one was too curious.”
If the player chooses “Follow”:
Kellen: “Curiosity served the travelers well. Whatever its reasons, the creature led them straight to their quarry.”
If the player chooses “Loot”:
Kellen: “The adventurers did not trust the creature – and found a treasure it had no doubt hoped to lead them away from.”

The Rescue[edit]


Kellen: “The Cultists had taken refuge in an ancient ruin. Only to fall prey to its ferocious new inhabitants.”


Kellen: “Laaneth had learned that the cult was secretly led by Lord Naarifin, the Dominion warlord who had captured the Imperial City.”
Kellen: “To bring about the prophecy, he intended to sacrifice all of the city’s inhabitants.”
Kellen: “Laaneth suggested they seek out the Imperial Army, then in exile in Skyrim, and warn the emperor of Naarifin’s plot.”

Tangled Web[edit]


Kellen: “In the spider’s web, they found a High Elf merchant calling for help.”
Isha: “Did they free him? He might give away their location to the Dominion.”
Nagh: “This one would have taken his gold.”
If the player chooses “Help”:
Kellen: “The travelers would not leave him to die, whatever the risk.”
If the player chooses “Rob”:
Kellen: “Just so. They relieved the merchant of his purse and continued on their way.”

A Fractured Legion[edit]


Kellen: “The emperor was horrified to hear of Lord Naarifin‘s plan. But he knew an attack on the Imperial City was doomed to fail.”
Kellen: “Somehow the Dominion could predict his forces’ every move. The hero volunteered to infiltrate the city, and discover the source of this ability.”
Nagh: “Was the city not guarded?”
Kellen: “Ah! Well, you see, Naarifin had recently reopened the Arena. The hero resolved to pose as a gladiator to gain entry. Once inside, Swims-at-Night would lead them to a secret passageway into the White-Gold Tower.”

The Restless Dead[edit]


Kellen: “Amidst the broken bones of the fallen, the hero spotted an ancient grimoire, filled with the dread secrets of necromancy.”
Isha: “Dared they meddle with such foul magic?”
If the player chooses “Take”:
Kellen: “Foul, yes… but strong. And those were dire times.”
If the player chooses “Destroy”:
Kellen: “No. Some gifts carry too terrible a price.”


Kellen: “Swims-at-Night had been as good as his word. The tunnel led the adventurers straight into the White-Gold Tower.”

[The adventures are ambushed by Reive and Lord Naarifin.]

Kellen: “The hero had to make a terrible choice.”

[The choice is between Tyr and the Orb of Vaermina, the object that allowed Lord Naarifin to track the Imperial Army.]

The Siege of the Imperial City[edit]


Kellen: “Free from prying eyes, the Imperial forces launched a surprise attack from the West, followed by a similar attack from Cheydinhal. The hero would then lead the charge to the city gates.”


Kellen: “And so the city was saved.”
Kellen: “The people hailed the emperor as a hero, little suspecting who their true savior was.”
Kellen: “The forgotten hero quietly left the city, little realizing that even greater adventures were yet to come.”
Kellen: “But that is a story for another evening.”
Isha: “How is this supposed to help us? Our warchief is dying. We need more than stories. We need-“
Kellen: “What you need is hope. I saw your warchief fight today in that ferocious mask of hers. As I think of it, it could have been anyone out there…”
Kellen: “It could have been…”
Isha: “Me.”
Kellen: “Let’s you and I pay our respects at the command tent. I have the strangest feeling that the warchief is about to make a miraculous recovery.”


  • In most cutscenes, Kellen is shown with three vertical lines painted on his forehead. Occasionally, however, those stripes are missing.

Missing stripes:


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