Houses of Morrowind: Card Reveal #2

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Houses of Morrowind: Card Reveal #2

By: Ashmore 1 year ago

Was Revealed by The Fun and Interactive Podcast on Charm3r’s Stream.

Archcanon Saryoni



The real question is… who the hell are cliff striders and cliff hunters?! I’m keen as to see the striders from Morrowind!
cost: 12
stats: 1/1
summon: execute Morrowind.exe [click here to locate the file on your computer]

Oh my… Jiub… Well he-… hello there.
You can eradicate my winged menace any day.

I don’t like the new cards so far, but I love where this game is going

Dread 1 year ago
75 card yellow/blue/purple doesn’t sound bad. Control mage doesn’t really require specific combos to function, the game plan is usually just use actions to control the board/pop down guards until you get into the late game and just start dropping your big creatures. So, as long as you keep the % of control actions, guards, and late game creatures about the same, then consistency shouldn’t be as big of an issue, right? Throw in some sorc negations and mummifies, some Dark Guardians and some barrow stalkers, and Nahagliiv and some Blood Magic Lords and you should be fine, right? Maybe I’m wrong but I think it should be a fun deck at the very least.

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Yogg-Saron 1 year ago
Man that sounds fun. Control Mages very tight deck space has always been an issue so 75 cards with access to powerful purple cards I think will make Tribunal Control the premier control deck

Dread 1 year ago
Yeah, the purple opens up silence and a lot of good early game guards for control mage. I’m excited to see what comes of it.

The removal power of Mage, the wall-building of Spellsword, and the earlygame control of a Sorcerer. A well-built Tribunal will be a powerhouse at all stages of the game.

Dread 1 year ago
Yeah, and I had forgotten that purple/yellow opens up access to emperor’s blade and edict of Azura. The more I think about it and the more I go through the cards, the more I think that a tribunal deck, even with 25 extra cards, is super viable.


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You’re meant to slay with it on the same turn you’re putting it out, i.e. with quicksilver crossbow. If it was easy you wouldnt be getting the +4/+4!

Anyone know what the Tribunal’s blessing do?

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puresignal 1 year ago
Almalexia’s Blessing: Give a friendly creature Drain and Guard. (Can target itself)

Sotha Sil’s Blessing: Summon a Spider Worker. (0/1, draw a card)

Vivec’s Blessing: Give other friendly creatures +1/+1.

Vlad Sergeevich wrote:
You’re meant to slay with it on the same turn you’re putting it out, i.e. with quicksilver crossbow. If it was easy you wouldnt be getting the +4/+4!

And with Archer’s Gambit it will be possible for the same turn.

“Cliff hunters, racers and striders” should be some creature cards that we will see in the future (hope…)

“Tribunal’s blessing” must be on the same mechanic as the card of J’zargo: increase stats, give some keyword or give other unknown buff

Or Avi-Ya’ako… 1 year ago
so action token magesword is going to be a thing?

Saryoni- the Ultimate Control Freak

Paly_Noob wrote:
Funny how people keep saying that before every expansion, yet this game continues to improve and kick ass all over Cartoonstone.

Dude please do not misunderstand, I do play this game since the very day one and I am totally enjoying it, so no worries.

The fact is that the expansion is bringing soooo many new rules, keywords and deckbuilding possibilities, some people are totally going to complain, that’s for sure.

Being a card game player since 20 years, this is a totally usual behaviour.

As far as I am concerned, do not misjudge me, I am super into it and can’t wait

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